Who we are

WeTeam is a training and mentoring platform focused on enhancing performance and happiness. Our purpose is to help each person be the best version of him/herself at the present moment.

What we do

Training programs, workshops, webinars, individual mentoring, and powerful talks inspired by high-performance athletes, life stories, and science-based studies that support teams and individuals to unleash their human potential for a life of success and happiness. Everything we do is created and supervised by me, Cris Pinciroli, founder of WeTeam, and a result of my own journey and my passion for sports, performance and human development.

Because I have been there, I can help others get there!

How do we do it?

We have our exclusive WeTeam methodology!

Wouldn't you agree that resilience, leadership, and teamwork are important skills? They are the kind of skills we don't learn in a classroom, or by reading a text, but, rather, we need to experience them.

Based on my life experience and on being a lifelong student (yes, I never stop studying), I developed an exclusive methodology that enables growth, performance and happiness.

WeTeam Methodology

Imagine a water polo player ready to shoot, or a basketball player perfectly positioned to throw the decisive basket. Or a soccer player getting ready to lob the ball. To enable pivotal actions like this, where tenths of a second matter, all parts of an athlete's body and mind must be connected and working in harmony. High-performing athletes are completely in the moment, focused on the here-and-right-now.

WeTeam's Methodology uses the analogy of these critical game moments to envision the perfect connection between physical endurance, emotional stability and spiritual intentionality.


Intentional life

Key Message:

Excellence and happiness depend on finding meaning in daily activities.

Pillars to be developed:

  1. Purpose and values
  2. Self-knowledge
  3. Happiness


Goal: Identifying a purpose that provides us meaning to our activities, inspire us and support our choices.

Concept: Wheter it will be a pass, a shot or a kick, behind every action in the game, there is an intention and a decision-making process. When the athlete holds the ball, he/she chooses what action to take in a matter of seconds.

@WeTeam, we value the importance of Identifying the meaning to inspire, direct ands support choices. The elements that make up this dimension are those that motivate us, direct our choices and enable us to live intentionally.

Key Message: Excellence and happiness depend on finding meaning in daily activities.

Pillars worked in this dimension.

- Purpose and Values: provide a person with joy in good times and resilience in hard times. "When we have a why in life, we can tolerate almost any how". Nietzche

- Self-knowledge: It's a life journey. The deeper you can dive into self-awareness, the more you can help others.

- Happiness: our ultimate goal, comes from within, how we focus on our spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational and emotional wellbeing.


Courage & Collaboration

Key Message:

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More. Courage to experience.

Pillars to be developed:

  1. Courage to experiment & reflect
  2. Teamwork
  3. Communication


Goal: To develop the courage to experiment and the ability to work with others as a team.

Inspiration: A goal kick or a pass to another player requires presence, observation, vision of the game, creativity and daring. As important as these attitudes is teamwork. In waterpolo as well as in others sports and in life, you need to develop empathy, kindness, be authentic and positive communicating with others.

@WeTeam, we call it co-creating with others. A person with these skills will have the ability to listen effectively, communicate ideas, act with creatiuvity, innovate and foster a colaborative mindset.

Key Message: Together everyone achieves more (TEAM)

Pillars worked in this dimension.

- Courage to experiment & Reflect: having the courage to experiment and reflect on the new things.

- Teamwork: to develop authenticity, positively and kindness.

- Communication: active listening, empathy to better communicate and genuine curiosity towards others.


Inner Energy

Key Message:

Accessing the core is about more than just connecting with the present moment, it is about summoning the energy necessary for true engagement in the game of life.

Pillars to be developed:

  1. Embracing adversities
  2. Self-confidence
  3. Re-energizing routines


Goal: To spend and fulfill your energy repository constantly to deal with adversities and challenges in life.

Inspiration: The core muscles give us strength and support to our entire body. They surround and support the spine, pelvis and connect the lower body to the upper body, transfering forces from one to the other. An athlete needs to have strong and stable core in order to have the necessary energy to coordinate the entire body movement.

@WeTeam, a person with a strong core can access, control and recharge its energy level towards facing challenges and finding the strength to face difficult and unexpected situations.

Key Message: The stronger your core, the better you'll respond to life challenges and perform.

Pillars worked in this dimension.

- Embracing adversities: learning how to face and learn from difficult situations.

- Self-confidence: it's about outplaying our strengths, identifying our potential limiters and promoting a healthy competition.

- Energizing rituals: which allow us to achieve full engagement.



Key Message:

The deeper and stronger the foundation, the higher you'll fly.

Pillars to be developed:

  1. The power of a safety net
  2. Healthy lifestyle
  3. Consistent practice


Goal: To build a strong foundation that provides our freedom to choose and adapt to life's challenges.

Inspiration: Have you ever notice how a water polo player keeps the upper body out of the water without touching the bottom of the pool? The player's legs never stop working and, although this is something we can't see (it happens underwater), it is crucial for the athletes' sucess. This strong and active leg-work represent the FOUNDATION, as they support the athletes' entire body movement and allow him to quickly change directions in the game from offense to defense, to prepare to steal a ball, to do a counterattack and to shoot.

Key Message: The deeper and stronger the foundation, the higher you'll fly.

Pillars worked in this dimension.

- The power of a safety net: strong connections with family, friends and community.

- Healthy lifestyle: sleep well, eat healthy, exercise frequently, pay attention to your breath and develop positive habits in your life.

- Consistent practice: as a path to strengthen your skills.


How we work

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