My name is Cris Pinciroli

All my life I've been passionate about high performance. In my 49 years, I've been a professional water polo player, financial executive, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three girls.

None of these achievements came easily. They were the result of dedication, will power, and effort. There were moments of happiness and pain, and yet the outcome was always positive! My journey is a happy one. But how can a journey of hard work and, sometimes, suffering be a happy one? I was intrigued by this circumstance and began to research the science of happiness.

Everything I have experienced in life, along with the study of happiness science, has given me the background knowledge and inspiration to found WeTeam, a company specialized in helping people unlock their potential and live a life in accordance with the motto of excellence and happiness.

I believe that the secret to living your life to the fullest is to identify your purpose and your essence. When we find meaning in what we do, dedication, persistence, overcoming challenges, and thriving become natural.

My job is to guide this process and to help those looking for their path achieve excellent results, making sure they experience a HAPPY journey. The outcome has to be positive on all counts!

I believe that

The secret of your purpose is hidden in your self knowledge and daily routines.

What builds a strong mental immune system is a sense of purpose and coherence that makes us confident in our ability to cope and manage the adversities in life.

Being told that courage overcomes all challenges is not enough. For lasting change, actions speak louder than words and small changes make a big difference.

Passion for what we do is a deep love, an obsession at times. It's with that passion in mind that we should apply our best selves to our chosen subject of inquiry.

I see myself being five years old again, I'am at the ocean, my feet do not touch the sand bottom...

Im afraid, but I keep on swimming. Diving under the waves, I start kicking, overcoming the force of the current, I swim to the deep ocean. "Cris, look how cool! We passed the surfers" - I hear my father say.
I look back, and I see the surfers, the waves forming. I feel the water colder, I notice a new shade of blue and far, very far from me, I see the beach. My father is beside me. My heart beats faster. I live every detail of the present moment. We keep swimming and go around a small island. Back to the beach, my legs are shaking with exhaustion. I am whole. I am proud. I am happy.

Like father like daughter! My father, Pedro Pinciroli Junior, is an Olympic athlete for water polo. I was born in Brazil, I am the eldest daughter, and I have two younger brothers. Not only my father introduced me to the water in my early years but he also taught me the values of playing a sport as the basis for life. My mother has always been an example of partnership and proximity. I grew up supported by my family and driven by the pursuit of excellence. Come with me to find out my story as an athlete, executive, wife, mother, and mentor.

my journey

From 0 to 7 years

My first memories are at the beach. Sport is the link that unites our family. Where there is a ball, there is a game, which means, at that age, joy, friends, and family.



From 7 to 14 years

At the age of 12, my family took me to Europe. I learned about my family's roots in the "old continent". It was my first contact with a country that would welcome me with open arms in the not too distant future.


From 14 to 21 years

I was 15 years old when, finally, women's water polo was launched in Brazil! My experience with water polo went beyond family tradition: I had discovered my very own passion. At 18, in 1990, I participated in my first Swimming World Championship in Perth, Australia - eight days of intense competition against the world's best teams. At 20 years old, we attended the Fina Cup in Los Angeles. I received an invitation to play professionally in Italy, one of the water polo greats.



From 22 to 28 years old

At 21 years old, I started my professional athlete career in Rome, Italy. At 23, I received an offer to play for Orizzonte Catania in Sicily. For the first time in Italian club history, we had raised the cup of the European Champion's Cup. Almost one century after its inception, women's water polo had finally reached its ultimate goal: to become an Olympic sport at Sydney-2000! I returned to Brazil in 1996 and began my corporate career at the bank Unibanco, one of Brazil's largest financial institutions, while I still played for the Brazilian national team. In 1998, I participated in my third World Championships in Perth, Australia and was selected for the World Star Team. At 27 years old, we competed on the Pan American Games in Winnipeg -- the city where my father's team had won the silver medal for Brazil 32 years earlier, in 1967.


From 28 to 35 years

At the bank, I worked in the areas of Finance with Strategic Planning and in Human Resources focusing on organizational behavior and human development tools. I received my MBA from FGV in Sao Paulo and an associate degree from the University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler School of Business. At 30 years old, I became a mother! In 2005 my second daughter was born.



From 35 to 42 years

This was a time when I rethought my priorities. In my professional life, I became the Ombudsman, or client representative, responsible for the Excellence and Quality team of Itaú Unibanco (in 2008, Itau and Unibanco merged). Later on, I worked in sales. In 2012, our third daughter was born.


From 42 to now

My husband and I revisited an old dream: to live abroad with our three girls. I started working in the Private Banking Division at Itaú Miami. Later, I became the Chief Executive of Human Resources for Itau's Private Banking Division in Miami, New York, the Bahamas, and Chile. In 2018, at the age of 47, a new purpose came to the surface: the willingness to help develop each person's ability to achieve a balanced, fulfilled, successful and happy life. From my essence, two new projects were born:
- writing a book about sports as life's stage in partnership with my father Pedro.
- creating my own mentoring and training company "WeTeam - Chasing Excellence and Happiness".
I also embarked upon a year-long certification at the Happiness Science Academy with an inspiring teacher, Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar.


Main achievements

As an Athlete:

Selected as a member of the All-Star Team after competing in the World Championship in Perth, Australia, 1998.

Bronze medalist at the Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Canada,1999.


As an Executive:

Worked for 25-years at Itaú Unibanco, the largest Brazilian bank in Latin America, in different areas ranging from strategic planning to customer excellence, employee experience, and human resource management.


As an Athlete:

Gold medalist in the European Club Championship Cup for Orizzonte Catania, Italy,1994.

Captain of the Brazilian National Water Polo Team for 13 years.

Professional player in Italy for 4 year.

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