Mother of 3, history professor and college application coach

"The webinar Cristiana presented to a group of parents last month was a resounding success. Having been a competitive athlete all my life, I can intuitively relate to many of the ideas around which WeTeam revolves; however, I would never be able to present them as succinctly and clearly as Cristiana did. This is the strength of her project and why it will succeed: She perfectly embodies what she describes and advises, and is, thus, an excellent guide. I can't think of anyone who would NOT want to learn, from a former elite water polo player, corporate executive, and mother, how to maximize their potential while pursuing happiness. Cristiana brings quite a resume to the table!"



"As a professional high performance athlete, Cris had many accomplishments and success. She learned how to overcome difficulties and the importance of team work. Now in her workshops she uses all the learning to guide and inspire young people and their families to live better. She has a big smile, open heart, she is sensible, intelligent, charismatic and her soul shines bright. She is an inspiring person and really committed to help people find their purpose and essence and live a meaningful and happier life"


mother of 3 and a floral consultant

"WeTeam helped me remember how important my role as a parent is, when it comes to guiding, motivating and supporting my kids in sports. Hearing Cristiana talk about it with such passion was a bonus! This webinar is wonderful - I highly recommend it".

Beatriz Procopio

mother of 2

"Cris made an inspiring presentation to my son's sports team. They are 10 years old, and now learning to deal with the challenges and frustrations of their favorite sport. And of life. Cris spoke openly and frankly, sharing her experiences as a successful athlete, and explaining how her career in sports prepared her for life. She was really approachable and engaging! The kids were attentive, curious, asked questions and left motivated to overcome difficulties and persevere. Thank you, Cris, for this unique opportunity - inspiring young minds to learn how sports can reach valuable lessons for life".


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