DURATION: To be defined

TARGET: Companies all sizes

DESCRIPTION: The goal of this program is to build a high-performance team based on key factors that create a strong, united and productive team. We will support the organization to develop the right skill sets and mindset to foster an environment that encourages teamwork and recognizes the importance of performance, excellence and happiness to reach long term results.
This program is inspired in the key roles played on high-performance sports teams:
- THE TEAM LEADER: develops the team's strengths based on individual capabilities, capturing the benefits of a diverse team to create the best team on the field.
- THE TEAM CAPTAIN: not necessarily the best player on the field, but the one who knows how to listen, how to communicate and how to lead by example.
- THE GOALIE: organizes and directs the defense based on the opponent's movements, supporting the team to become champions.
- THE ALL-AROUND ATHLETE: knows how to play every position and is open to learn and develop new skills and capabilities to best perform new tasks and challenges.
- THE TOP SCORER: recognizes and seizes opportunities, understanding how to take advantage of both familiar and unfamiliar situations.
- THE COACH: understands each player and recognizes the individual's and the team's strengths and challenges; analyzes the day-to-day, communicates goals, motivates and leads the team to success.

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