We believe that ideas should be shared and improved together, as a team, rather than kept to oneself. For this reason, we select valuable partners to collaborate with us.

WeTeam Partners

Camila Pedrosa

Camila is a woman with an incredible story: for 25 years she had a "double career" as a professional water polo player and as a headhunter at human resources consulting firms. Camila was part of the Brazilian National Water Polo team. In 2016 she advanced to the Brazilian Olympic water polo team. At 40 years old, she was determined to end her progressional athletic career by playing with and against athletes half her age. Knowing she could use her experience to support families and athletes, she pursued a coaching certification at the University of Miami.

How does Camilla collaborate with WeTeam?

Camila provides support in many WeTeam coaching and mentoring processes. She collaborates in designing the best coaching programs to suit each client's needs, stimulating insightful conversations and creating transformational tools that can be used to reach the desired goals.

A message from Camila to WeTeam

Cris and I met when we were teenagers. We both fell in love with water polo. While Cris was captain of the Brazilian national team, I was just starting my journey. We have many stories together! The most memorable, to me, was the semifinal at the Pan-American Games, in 1999. We were tied against the US and had to play for the "golden goal". Although we didn't win, I remember this game as a significant victory! Why? It was at this moment that I learned about the importance and power of communication and leadership. We were an amazing team, so proud and so connected, even in defeat. Cris, as our captain, knew (knows!) how to communicate, how to motivate and how to empower each one of us, collectively. While we didn't end up on the podium, we were victorious! Water polo set the foundation for a lifetime friendship. Cris and I both became mothers at the same time. We both are intrigued by human development. We both live in the US. After overcoming so many challenges together, we learned what are key factors to develop a successful and happy journey through life. Through our experiences, we understand how sports can provide a strong foundation for a healthy life. We have been there! And we're excited to share." - Camila Pedrosa

Cris Pinciroli, founder of WeTeam with Camila Pedrosa.


Equilibria's expertise lies in mapping personality diversity and helping individuals and teams of all disciplines drive better results through improved communication and teamwork. More than 1 million people have discovered their E-Colors by taking their Personality Diversity Indicator assessment (PDI) which, in turn, enables Equilibria to provide a significant amount of data and information around predictable behavioral tendencies of each personality.

How does Equilibria and WeTeam collaborate?

Cris Pinciroli, founder of WeTeam, is a certified Equilibria coach practitioner. @WeTeam we use the Personality Diversity Indicator assessment (PDI), created by Equilibria, as a starting point in many of our workshops, coaching programs and mentoring processes. The Equilibria PDI helps individuals learn about themselves and from that point, mentored by our WeTeam methodology, improve their communication skills, build better relationships and work more efficiently to perform better and live a happier life.

A message from Equilibria's CEO to WeTeam

"We feel very privileged to be able to associate with Cris Pinciroli, founder of WeTeam, as she has many traits of a highly successful and dedicated intentional leader. A lifelong learner, a sports icon in Brazilian water polo who moved seamlessly into the corporate world and now is rightly at a point to share her knowledge and experience through her own organization. I have been very impressed with her ability to not only learn and practice using Equilibria's personality diversity technology but also to see her personally applying our tools and applications for herself and her family. We look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration." - Lewis Senior


Based on two pillars, the value of knowledge and the value of the connection between and amongst people, The Miami Institute of Knowledge was founded by Viviane Pagani with the goal of creating experiences that lead to personal development. M.I.O.K read as "Am I OK", refers to the most genuine and important question we must ask ourselves with some frequency: Am I ok?, making us wonder what we can do to improve ourselves. The M.I.O.K. was conceived as a physical and virtual place where interesting people gather, to search for, and discuss, knowledge. Courses, workshops and study groups are conducted by knowledgeable, top-of-their-game teachers, each with an impressive resume and each selected for his/her expertise. The Miami Institute of Knowledge firmly believes in the transformative power of human connections, and knows that when the right people are connected, amazing things can happen.

How does M.I.O.K and WeTeam collaborate?

WeTeam develops workshops, talks and courses to be held exclusively at M.I.O.K, targeted not only for people who live in Miami, but for those in other parts of the US, Brazil and the world. WeTeam and M.I.O.K have the same dream of sharing best practices, new ideas and state-of-the-art content with people from different backgrounds and cultures, inspiring new perspectives to live positively through intellectual and interpersonal well-being.

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